ES Thurs 8-9-12

developing weekly profile once again....three well defined lvn u can draw from this u know the drill

a couple of other items that land in those areas are yest val (99.75) and rth highs (400.25), yest val (95.75) and closing vwap(97), yest rth lows (92)

below this week's levels we still have all the numbers Bruce mentioned on monday, namely, 87, 83-84.5

above the 403.25-403.75 area (weekly rth and o/n highs) i have 405-406 and then 408.5-410

good luck
taking one more at 96 one left with no good place for my stop
real tricky now because we are neutral on the day and 1395 is VA low..
runner stopped at 97 ....neutral day !!
great trade bruce...enjoy the rest of your day
thanks u 2 Nick..time to celebrate my kids 6th b-day !!