ES Thurs 8-9-12

developing weekly profile once again....three well defined lvn u can draw from this u know the drill

a couple of other items that land in those areas are yest val (99.75) and rth highs (400.25), yest val (95.75) and closing vwap(97), yest rth lows (92)

below this week's levels we still have all the numbers Bruce mentioned on monday, namely, 87, 83-84.5

above the 403.25-403.75 area (weekly rth and o/n highs) i have 405-406 and then 408.5-410

good luck
stopped on that last runner

1 good long off the open and a decent short...will stick around but might call it quits for the day

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first runner off manually at 98.5...stop on the other one down to 401 (which is my entry level) and still aiming for 96 area

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it couldn't have worked any better...we opened a tthe middle lvn and immediatly rejected if u were quick enough u could have bought some to try and aim for the gap fill and poc (98.25) and yest vah and rth highs...we ran thru all of them and turned around at the top lvn....taking some off here at near the vah level...two runners will aim for 98.25 and 96 respectively

gap in the 1m chart at 400
trying again from highs now will take this away from me at move would be to flip to long if that happens for the O/N high
not convinced they are done with th 97 area yet..
good eyes on that gap nick and one of the reasons I took the additional sell
went flat on second campaign with a small gain...too small to mention...we become scalpers in these small ranges

1401 is our number to watch up here....will wait until 11 am to trade now.....11:15 has seen moves lately
one last try on the 1401.25 short for me....then closing up shop for today...high risk as we are buying inside the peak volume/poc for today we need a breakdown to win...
hoping price goes from the comfort of an HVN to the discomfort of the LVN down near 97 area still..
gotta take something off at 97.50.....this is LVN zone.and real close to the 97.25 I identified earlier..once again will try to hold last two...for the 94.25 volume if lucky...
yesterday the 4pm close generated big volume ( relative of course) at 1397.25 !!
thanks u 2 Nick..time to celebrate my kids 6th b-day !!