ES Friday 8-10-12

we have the Va low and a low volume area from overnight at the 96 - 98 area ..that was also a LVN area from yesterday so that is upper first reference

Below is the Overnight low and the 92.75 - 94 area I mentioned yesterday...

nothing else but these for me in early trade....

other numbers below the O/N low are posted in previous threads and higher zone will be the 1401.50 - 1403.50
something to keep in mind : most weeks we trade outside of the monday - tuesday range...we haven't done that yet this week!!
it was a beauty but too quick to post..peak volume today is 92.50 and we had that untouched volume node from wednesday at 92.75 !! somebody bought there wednesday so I bought there ( nearthere ) today
nice trade bruce...started a bit late today so just getting set up
thanks Nick...that is the biggest problem with high volume thrusts and that is they often get retested on The same day....!

Below here is that open gap and then better area is the 86 - 88 zone
BTW, $SPX now is at 1400 = resistance of the last 4 days
Bruce just trying to confirm, did you see volume come in the 96.25 and 98.5 areas in this recent move up? thx
Nick ::I have 96.25 and 97.75....the 97.75 had the higher volume!!
spaazing here Nick..u have them correct..sorry...only one second cup of tea !!
That is what I have with my feed

Click image for original size
2012 08 101047
sorry, am confused, was it 97.75 or 98.5 then ?

never mind...i just saw your answer
Where can I study up on the way you trade Volume areas and your concept of trading Low Volume areas and High Volume areas.

I go in and out of being clear on this. And what is the best chart to be looking at to ID volume areas? Is it 3min charts? 1 min charts? daily?

thanks in advance for any direction on what to study.