ES Friday 8-10-12

we have the Va low and a low volume area from overnight at the 96 - 98 area ..that was also a LVN area from yesterday so that is upper first reference

Below is the Overnight low and the 92.75 - 94 area I mentioned yesterday...

nothing else but these for me in early trade....

other numbers below the O/N low are posted in previous threads and higher zone will be the 1401.50 - 1403.50
two videos I made for anyone left here today..some basics and advanced stuff from my IB data....hope it is useful...It's no wonder I am not a vendor....I just can't communicate well...but I'm practicing..!

No video below? Try this link: vid1.swf

No video below? Try this link: vid2.swf

Very nice stuff,thank you
awesome, thnks for taking the time Bruce
glad u get something out of it BBRAD....they are crude but it still takes me at least 10 minutes or more to fumble through that stuff...

someday I'll get my trading computer some screen capture software and be able to transfer stuff to my Forum computer...till then this will do....trying to keep my trading computer clean for now !!
cool Nick..hopefully the ideas come through and not so much folks trying to match my data to theirs....those are made with IB data so the volume is close but not always perfect..
Thanks Bruce, great stuff!!
Thx Bruce, good context on Volume,
liked how you referenced LVN's and how they can be vulnerable.
summer friday and gaps in the data at 95.50 .....!!
Click image for original size
2012 08 101539
have a good weekend everyone
Where can I study up on the way you trade Volume areas and your concept of trading Low Volume areas and High Volume areas.

I go in and out of being clear on this. And what is the best chart to be looking at to ID volume areas? Is it 3min charts? 1 min charts? daily?

thanks in advance for any direction on what to study.