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ES Friday 9-28-12

here we are,,good luck today
No video below? Try this link: friday9-28.swf

The low of the "D" TPO on a 30 minute seems to be holding are we going to push higher?
Lots of unfinished business from yesterday between 1432.50 and 1441.25. I think 1444.00 will be tested sometime low volume and low time at that price.

Last day of the quarter, money managers need to end on a positive...just my two cents
Lot of buying came in at 1434.50 once a little after 12:00pm and again at 12:30 see if it holds
Long 1434.25 tight stop
Looking for 36.75 as second target see if it hits
no push, out of this one
Sometimes you get off the roller coaster to soon

It's all about managing risk and taken on risk
Single prints and a LVN at 1433.75 it's easy after the fact
Not sure if thats a single print since price traded there earlier
val from yest right at 33.25

Originally posted by sharks57

Single prints and a LVN at 1433.75 it's easy after the fact
great videos Bruce, thanks !
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