ES 10-10-12

Not mentioned on my video is the 1425 - 1427 area a possible support point if the sellers can break down below the current O/N low
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we are neutral but keep in mind we have yet to take the O/N low out..I'm keeping it all small down here and will trade harder if/when that On low gets run is currently 34 - 34.50 where all the volume is grouped
Volume. Though not huge, but high for today's comatose market
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2012 10 101150
29.50 is my first try under that hour low...willalso try down into 25 - 27 if needed but not below there
trying to get 31.25 and pull up runners to b/e
runners trying for 33.50 ahead of that 34 area
challenge here is that we don't often make "v" bottomws so we are hoping they don't come down for the test
trying one more time in the 27.50 area now then taking a break..been one of those days with small wins and runners not going far
trying for 29.50 low volume area
twice the Ib and gap fill comes in at 26.75 so will stay to play a bit more down here ..especially if this fails to get initial target..was planning to call it a day but this is too attractive of an area now
missed the volume at 29 so that is a concern for me now..they need to get beyond that and keep it going up...that was big volume
oh options trades are terrible and I did not actively manage that like I should have... you can buy them for 12 cents..the same things I paid 38 and 48 cents for yesterday so I am letting them stay on until it either hits that 1444 or Friday closes...I should have been more agressive with them