ES 10-10-12

Not mentioned on my video is the 1425 - 1427 area a possible support point if the sellers can break down below the current O/N low
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trying to be agressive down here....there are gaps in order flow above that need filling in so I am expecting a 3 - 4 point reaction off the lows if we can catch it...! is hard..gaps filled and Ib projection complete ..find that long trade folks !!
trying from the 26 ..I know if they do the atomic flush they will run it past 1424 in a flash so being real cautious
I'd like to see these current lows hold to go get that volume at 1429 and higher..I'm watching gaps in my cummulative delta but this Ib data is useless to show that here....u must use DTn IQ for that but often these gaps that run away in CD are filled in...and there are gaps above still !!
looking to take first off at 28.75 in front of that 29 volume
all us buyers came it right at 25.75 so if they are gonna come back for us then that is the spot to defend
plan just isn't coming together so is my high stress smaller so giving things a bit more room...not sure if this will make sense...I'm very tense now..need to step away soon
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made it..the video tells why I am starting to exit here....
nice effort Bruce
thanks Shark.I am burned out today so calling it quits here on all but one contract..If MY CD work has any value then we should see a test above 32.75 before days end...I'd like to see them consolidate near this 29 - 30 for the next push higher but not sure ..I'm setting alerts in case we come back into the 25.75 - 26.50 area..this is where us buyers defended just now and we certainly don't want it back there again
oh options trades are terrible and I did not actively manage that like I should have... you can buy them for 12 cents..the same things I paid 38 and 48 cents for yesterday so I am letting them stay on until it either hits that 1444 or Friday closes...I should have been more agressive with them