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ES 11-5-12

here is my frame out for today :
No video below? Try this link: monday_11-5.swf

here is the pure volume view for clarity:
No video below? Try this link: monday_part_2.swf

Thanks Bruce for your insight
Watching 1404.00, 1398.25, 1394.00 price levels, see if any reaction
so far the sunday night open and O/N low is holding....was hoping to see a touch of that area to get longs started......standing by

seems like it's gonna be a boring day today
I hate when you identify an area but don't execute, fear of unknown I guess
all the volume coming in to 1406 so if we can see the long down here at that open and On low then that is the best target so far
that sunday night opening range is 02.50 - 04....
IF we can get past 1406.50 possible push to 1417.75 ultimately
I'd like to see 1404.75 hold in order to go get those 07.75 and the O/N high..could take a small miracle in this low volume environment
sharks u have biigger goals than me...I am holding only one now that 1409.25 is here...I never trust when we get so close to the O/N highs...
Since this is the most recent post I'll add the primary areas I am looking to initiate trades off of:

1400-1401.5, 1404.50, 1410-1411.75, 1419-1420.75, 1430-1431.25
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