ES 11-5-12

here is my frame out for today :
No video below? Try this link: monday_11-5.swf

was looking at 1409.25, 1412.00, and 1414.50 as levels to watch on the way up
I understand theres a high probability of O/N Hi or low being hit during RTH session at some point according to FT71
went flat at 10 even but not good enough to take reversals up here !!

07.50 is the lvn area!
nice call for the test of 1404.75, impressive Bruce
I assume that the POC was what caught your attention around that area?
yes and it was the break oout point if u look at your 5 minute bars...short now at 10.75...trying to get to 07.75 breakout point...watching O/N high closely for additional clues
that's me flat now..ony one trade as per short plan today and one trade from long idea zone but long was not ideal ...good luck if u stay to play...might trade after 2 pm today but this is pre election volume
Good analysis, and well thought out. I may have missed it but I think its worth noting the large unfilled gap that got filled in the 1430s. Looking forward to seeing more posts.
Since this is the most recent post I'll add the primary areas I am looking to initiate trades off of:

1400-1401.5, 1404.50, 1410-1411.75, 1419-1420.75, 1430-1431.25