Thursday 11-15-12

Jing booted me off twice. I think it's trying to tell me something.
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1354.75 seems to be the magnet price today
great update Bruce, thanks
Nice work Bruce
we need to at least start looking at any short signal over 1358 ( IN CASE THEY FRONT RUN US )but lower risk is to wait for the O/N high to run out
WITH A REPORT COMING It would just be gambling to hold once back into that magnet price..but the one good thing I am thinking about is that we still need to break an O/N if we get get below that 54.75 and stay below then we canget yesterdays RTH low and O/N low...the same mathcing prices !!

sorry for screaming in text
had one left and covered it at 49.50....I got nothing here now..I'm working on a system which is fun and it projects down to 1344 but not trading now
and my calls took a beating ..FYI !
nice trade ! i could not jump on it...was waiting for the o/n hig to hit at least...i will have to buy a new keyboard if u know what i mean lol
our forum is a ghost are some closing thoughts today...
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Have a great weekend