Win a copy of The Trend Following Bible by Andrew Abraham

Do you want to win a copy of The Trend Following Bible by Andrew Abraham?

If so then simply reply to this forum post and let us know that you want a chance to win. We will close this competition at midnight on 9 January 2013 31 December 2012 and on or shortly after 10 January 2013 we will pick one of the replies at random to be the winner.

Good luck!

I would love to read this book! sign me up
yay! I want a chance to win too!
Wow DT.. this is a very generous gift(or prize) to give... I did a amazon search on Andrew Abraham, I found he's has a few kindle books which are quite reasonable and current of this year... Two Kindle versions are free!

Time to invest in a referb Kindle soon I think.

Because of this thread... I looked up the google book preview version. Great reading already and I haven't even finished the Preface yet.

A couple weeks ago there was book suggestion made and I looked up the gbook preview version as well. OMG! As the kids say. It's about a guy who saved up for a year to get a entry to Wall Street Exchange. Researched a stock and took the jump. Spent two agonizing days in the negative before finally hitting the profit.(I can soo imagine) Then losing most of those gains due to overconfidence or rather cockiness. Similar to what I've read here in this preface so far.

I don't know the name of the book, because I closed the page by accident. G-books have sections missing, but it was sure great reading.

The stories are different in these books, but the messages are similar and clear. Regardless of who get the draw here, Thank you for the suggested reading.

BTW... Love the term "Turtle Trader" by David Druz!
Originally posted by TradeQueen

BTW... Love the term "Turtle Trader" by David Druz!

Ooops.. Correction... Not a term by David Druz, but rather used by David Druz. Huh... Showing my inexperience again. Sorry.

Count-me in ... thanks DT :)

Thank you.
Happy New Year !
Due to a technical hitch in getting the book we're extending this competition to Wednesday 1/9/2013. I'll be sending an email to all members who have elected to receive emails letting you know that the competition ends at midnight on Wednesday 1/9/2013. Thanks.
YES, I want to win!
Just got your email today, if it's not to late, please count me in too :-) Thank you ! ! !
YES, I want to win!
yes, please