es 11/12

merry x-mas

numbers i got which mean your better fade

above close...1425...1428.50..1433.50
below close...1418.50...1412.50..1408.00..

i think we will go below 1404 this week..reason is on five min chart there is 3 hits for the low of the day..

now like i said its better to fade

take care
out at 26
there i go selling the winners and holding the loser till stop is hit..not the very good..
Yep. There's still a few of us out here. Market isn't exactly making things interesting these days. Still hoping to find a way to make a living at this.
post your thoughts guys and gals..right or wrong who cares...
i am still around fwiw....have not been trading much due to a health issue in the family

thanks bruce for the video