es 11/12

merry x-mas

numbers i got which mean your better fade

above close...1425...1428.50..1433.50
below close...1418.50...1412.50..1408.00..

i think we will go below 1404 this week..reason is on five min chart there is 3 hits for the low of the day..

now like i said its better to fade

take care
all the best to you too Duck. My only fade numbers are 1430 and 1432....we are here now !! good luck all
best for us to keep trade under that hour high especially after they try once again to rally above key target is the LVN at 27- 28 which is also current midpoint
tuff going..can't get more than 1.5 points before getting stopped out....32.50 has all the volume on this spike higher...

on the 3 minute chart I want to see a down close followed by an up close and then sell under the up bars it ?? and if the footprints light the way then it will be even better up here
after the fact here..i sold the 28.5 with 3 point stop..yup stop out..-3 point
hoping to get a chart up later to show my favorite chart pattern entry..perfect sell off into that key zone....finally!
thanks for trying today's been years but we seem to have finally dried up our forum participation...

heres one for the favorite signal bars !
No video below? Try this link: fav_pattern.swf

AT 28.50 we traded 50 % back on the day
thanks for video..bruce you got to wonder where everybody went..
yeah, there are a lot of forums out there and most people probably want ones that are more active and perhaps follow more markets...

in general people usually suck the life out of a forum and use people just for ideas to help them and then disappear and move on to search for the grail elsewhere...

I think many have private conversations going to share research. That makes sense
Some of us are still lurking in the shadows Bruce. Your videos are always interesting.

buying rat at 1425
i am still around fwiw....have not been trading much due to a health issue in the family

thanks bruce for the video