es 12-14-12

here's my basic plan and numbers....meant to say "afternoon pullback high" up at the 1416 area..if we open in yesterdays RTH range then pitbull numbers will be more accurate

u will need to turn up the volume

for clarity, the 04.50 - 05 is one support point and the 07.50- 08 is another support point...1412 - 1414 is the magnet long as yesterdays vwap holds then we will break yesterdays lows first

No video below? Try this link: friday_finale.swf

thanks for video bruce..

number i got are above close...1423.50..1425..1428-30..below are 1416..1412.50..1408..1404..
i will be buying the 12.50 rat but will keep an eye on the 1404 to be hit..

i do like those rats numbers..i think it was u who point them out to me..
i want to see them push at least 2.5 points below the open before thinking about longs....preferably into the minus 4 - 5.5 but will take the signals as they come
will buy the open print on second time through if they don't give us the minus 2.5
pit bull traders would need to target the 11.75 to take profits...right in front of the key magnet too
i will sell 18.75 rat if we get that high
not crying about a profit but I missed the long signal down into the 07.50 - 08 area...would have been a much lower risk trade..

not holding much but I'd like to see the plus 2.5 number hit

hit as I am typing
which contract your trading? i am trading dec..took one off at 1417.25..stop on last at 18.50
sorry bruce on contract ?..i got it now..yes i did pay attention to the video..what a fool i am
profit target is the rat at 12.5 on last one
Duck, the rats essentailly cover all the ratchets in the market with the key ones being 00, 12.50 , 25, 37.50, 50, 62.50, 75 and 87.50 ....I just split those out further in 6.25 point increments but these are the main ones

I know some who like to just use those and go for bigger those who sold the 12.50 would be trying to get to 06.25 etc....I prefer smaller moves and mostly just use them for the 12.50 being in our magnet zone today but certainly can't bash anybodys way of using them
"Ratchets" seems to be a flavor of Murrey Math.