ES 1/8/13

Happy new year!! Fiscal cliff behind, debt ceiling ahead. Sitting and waiting in a range between 1450 and 1460. Which way will we go? Looking for a break out of range to get something flowing.

O/N volume at 1453. No surprise.
bkay is on fire today !!
Some days you get the bear and some days......
I think that is one of the hardest parts about the bell curves etc is that sometimes they come in at the edge like this 47.25 area and other times they blow past the edges and print down in the HVN node the 45.50 Paul is watching...tricky stuff !
Yeah, I was betting on the POC from 1/2 Printing on that target
and where is my 49 print....? That is also the center of the mini bell curve from torture me for a few ticks...

a good day today so not very agressive now..all buying impulses are still on low volume so not convinced that this is a good low yet..I still show 3 - one minute bars with the same low...a really good low shows better impulse with no matching lows...
I gotta run..pulled the plug on that trade with little profit.. not holding now..good luck if you stay to play...hope it continues to be a good one for you folks
Target achieved. Short at 53.50 at 9:49, Flat at 47.25 at 11:01. Long fight but a good one. Paul and Bruce thanks for your contributions today.
I have errands to do. so I have to leave,

BKay, it's nice to make winning trades. (It's nice to be the king, too. But I can't do that!)

what was 47.25?
I had some volume on a couple of time frames at 47, and the POC from Jan 2nd at 46.75. I thought that volume indication might provide some support and determined that I should get out just above it.
I have also been working on my patience. And this was a test of it. Once 47.25 hit it took quite a while to print 47.00 and get a fill. My goal was to see it through. Trust me when I tell you the urge to bail back up at 48.50 or so was pretty strong.