ES 1/29/13

good morning

numbers i am looking at today


97 (nvpoc)

99-00 (las t week's high, yest hod, 1/27-1/28 o/n high)

2.5-3 (fib numbers)



90.5-91 (nvpoc, fri low, yest low)



the link below has the merged profiles since 1/17 (after breaking out of the prior range); peak volume is around 95.75-96, so a test of that from below and fail could bring us to explore some of those levels i mentioned below

good luck today
the nvpoc 97ish area (with yest vah at 98 right above) proved to be decent resistance...took the short at 97.75 and have unwound most of them back at the opening print (94)

have 2 runners, one aiming for that 90.5-91 area and the other one looking for 86-87 ish...stop back to b/e on those for now

on a micro basis they filled the gap, tested yest vpoc and vah but overall i am still looking at that peak vol of the consolidated profile for clues of possible direction

anyone around? bruce? paul? bkay? anyone? echo echo echo echo lol
Noticed some buying coming in at the Over night POC @ 93.50, see if it holds
runners were stopped btw...proly done for the day looks like the 97-98 area is still causing some trouble for bulls, but it looks like they want to test that 99-00 area...remember we have the fed announcement tomorrow so i'd be surprised if we did not rotate back down if we were to test higher....u know were all the volume is anyway
numbers for today (a bit late i know)










good luck
well, those areas worked well overall...the 501ish produced a decent bounce that took us to the 5-6 area and down we went from there to test the 98.5 area and bounced from there

trading will dry up from here onwards till we get the fed at 2:15 pm est...fireworks to come after that

good trading
who the hell is voting my posts down? i give useful info at no cost and someone just votes me down? would like to know why...till then i am done posting