ES 2-5-13

numbers are very similar to YD...



1496 - 1497.75 Critical support zone ***** a lvn and yesterdays vwap

that's it for me...covering last at 07.25...seems like a battle and that trade was a bit lucky considering how the volatility was drying up

that 08.50 is close buy and wanted to be out in front of that anyway...
Nice Bruce
Thnks Sharks but I believe that was also a bit lucky...we had the structure - the vwap and the key number of 1503.50 and that multiple top but it was still difficult to hold that.....I had mixed signals on the orderflow...making a quick video for anyone interested
anyone else think they are gonna come back for the stops at 07.25 ? It will have to be textbook and light for me to attempt this trade/fade
trying one last trade today and it is small and short from 1510.25....buyers dried up at the highs but does this mean that sellers will enter ? I'll be damned if i really know !!! Trying to get into 07.75
cool ending today...and lucky
back to vwap again and CD at zero.....