ES 2-5-13

numbers are very similar to YD...



1496 - 1497.75 Critical support zone ***** a lvn and yesterdays vwap

agree with your numbers..just like to add 1506..
cool Duck...I'm not going to trade and look for setups untill we print 1501 or 1498.25
lots of selling volume interest at our 03.50 number ...01.50 will be the target
price is diverging with volume and delta up here so still trying to catch a break even so far..
computer problems on this end...have order to short at 6.50
trying again from 04.24...still diverging up here..
one small win and one breakeven commission loss today...will look one more time near 05.75....for the short to go back to 03.75..if we go to 07.50 then I will stop looking for shorts in this zone..
even though it was a small win before I should have gone all out on my short because we had a double top . I got greedy and got stopped out on runners.

we now have another double top trying to to trade for it to break and get long down as close to 03.75 as possible or wait for it to break before trying any further shorts

so I'm not getting greedy again on any fades with that double top in place
I don't have a good read in here Bruce, that 1508.50 above scares me VPOC from 1/21, 1505.75 seems to be holding, mixed signals
with 3 different 5 minute bars with matching highs you owe it to yourself to try longs down near that vwap/old peak volume my bias long down here even now that peak volume is above us

I'm battling it out !!
back to vwap again and CD at zero.....