ES 2-7-13

sell area for me today is 1510 - 1511 to use 08.50 as a magnet

buy area is 06.25 for 08.50 magnet

will also watch On low but better point is 1501.50 for long trades

in this volatility we need to take profits much quicker

96 - 97.50 is further suport zone..

have nothing good above the On high but will watch the key plus 4 - 5.5 zone and the plus 8 - 10 if they ever get power back to this market !!
i will sell rat number that number is in the pitbull numbers too..but i think they are going to run O\N low first..then i will buy the 1502.50
WE DROPPED to the minus 2.5 ( missed by a tic) into a key number so we had to find a way to buy...I'm using a .75 pt range chart in this volatility...hoping to do a video later if I can get it to work
that was a cool double low with an overnight swing point so exited the longs aggressively as planned and watching to see if true selling comes in under that double low that was just run out...hoping it doesn't and we get the long signal again!
double low on 5 minute makes it MUCH higher risk to long longs IMHO
only two things will cause me to look for longs again and that is trade over 06.25 or under that O/N low..otherwise I'm just watching till then
1505 is the big volume magnet now and we just hit key downside buyers are entering at the 1502's but may take a few shakes
again the double low on the 5 minute keeps us from holding that. I'm not nimble enough to reverse but still I can get out fast when needed
trying longs again from 98.75..99.75 is key point to overtake down here
loss 1.25 on that trade
quick and the dead....watching 96 - 97 to target the volume at 99.75...some cool stop outs today...charts later.
That's why I take muliple tries in my zones. It's not easy to pick highs and lows but we are using sound logic.

1) we define a s/r zone
2) we watch to see if delta is becoming less green on the way up ( if we are approaching a resistance number) to tell us that buyers are becoming less aggressive as we go higher

3) Then we get the flip to negative delta with higher TOTAL volume then the previous bar most times...sometimes we see bigger volume on the bar before - this can tell us that the last buyers are on the wrong side and late to the uptrend. They get trapped of the reasons I will blow up those bars I showed to a classic footprint to see if I see bright green on the high but the bar tics down

For today - friday I'm using 06 as the magnet and will look for sells above the current On highs of 08.50 and will then watch 1510.50 - 1511 to see if buyers fail above that
Originally posted by sharks57

Nice videos Bruce,
It seems you look hard at delta flips, I do as well but hard to distinguish between flips that work and false ones. I'm starting to focus on the flips along with price divergence and some predefined levels to see if there is confluence. I see your methodology working day in and day out, I think your experience takes over.
Keep up the good work, we all have to learn in or own way.