ES 2-21-2013

So I came back a few weeks ago eager to start trading. Got a call for a few weeks of work... Had to take it. Came home today and opened up the charts to take a look... Moldy crap! Now what?

Focusing on filling the overnight gap from 1509ish to 1519? At 8pm (west cost) it sits at 1506 but I see weakness down to 1502ish.

I'm thinking if it hits the 1502 in the overnight, that will set up for a good run up to 1519 R/T tomorrow.. my 2 cents... We'll see what happens.
hello all..tradequeen looks like we are getting your run to 19 area

numbers i got are...1525..1518-20..1510-12.5..1506..1500..1496..

good luck everyone
after fact here..long at 1500 out at 1499..never got to my 96 number.. seen pit bull at 97.5 but caught like a deer in the
trade queen u do any trading today? or anybody else?
well taking to myself did you notice gap in data at 1497.25 on 5 min chart?
yes i did and short at 1500 looking for gap fill..
duck how many u short?
i short 2 and will take one off at 98.50..stoploss at 1501
no fill yet using limit order
stop on last at 99.75..
stop out..i knew i shouldnt post my stop..i bet nick amd paul ran my
DUCK... I usually follow the pitbull regularly. The days I was able to follow, the pitbull hadn't happen. So I overlooked it today. It happened today darn it and I missed it. Happy trading!