ES 2-21-2013

So I came back a few weeks ago eager to start trading. Got a call for a few weeks of work... Had to take it. Came home today and opened up the charts to take a look... Moldy crap! Now what?

Focusing on filling the overnight gap from 1509ish to 1519? At 8pm (west cost) it sits at 1506 but I see weakness down to 1502ish.

I'm thinking if it hits the 1502 in the overnight, that will set up for a good run up to 1519 R/T tomorrow.. my 2 cents... We'll see what happens.
Sorry Duck... I stepped out... To answer your question early on... In reference of: Did I do anything today.. BIG STEP for me... I actually traded based on my statement of last night... Took a small loss and quit for the day.

Maybe today was a just a little too quick for me to jump back in. But I missed out on all the good stuff last week and was eager to give it a go... My first mistake...

Just finished reading through the rest of your post... sorry I left you hangin today. I felt the same way re: should not have posted your stop... I have not traded in months and as soon as my order was taken, the price dropped faster than I'd ever seen... My thought... huh, they know I'm back.
All in all though, I'm to blame.. I jumped in way too fast.
DUCK... I usually follow the pitbull regularly. The days I was able to follow, the pitbull hadn't happen. So I overlooked it today. It happened today darn it and I missed it. Happy trading!