ES 2- 25-13

What I'm using today.
No video below? Try this link: monday_2-25.swf

hope all do well today...

here is a part two alternative view
No video below? Try this link: monday_part_2.swf

I suggest that folks using Volume profile find out WHY LVN's and HVN's form where they do. This gives a deeper understanding of what ranges the bigger players are watching. Don't just use them blindly without looking at basic bar chart/ price action!
thanks for video bruce..i will buy the 18.25 pitbull# and rat number there too
i will sell the 25.50..reason is pitbull and rat #
I'm selling above O/N high now as 21.50 is my magnet price and 24 is key part of this upper zone
biggest volume today entered at 21.50 so far..expecting a retest of that as long as even BIGGER volume doesn't raise it's ugly head
out at 17 for a loss
if u look at a .5 range chart and volume histogram u can see all that great volume at 22.50 that joined us on that short
18-19 is potential resistance on any move higher now
a double tpo low right at VA high from friday seems ripe for a I am not trying to hold for any prolong up move from that area anymore
as long as we don't come back above 16.50 now that double low will be run...heck, I'd even bet YOUR money on to lean short off that
we are under the POc from from Friday now and that formed because they battled it out trying to fiqure out that weekly low of 09.75...bottom line is that short players will need to try to keep this under 1510 - 1512...Lunch time !!

1505 - 06 is my next support point but not trading now
so I am talking to myself saying that as long as this thing is failing at 1505 - 06 then we have the potential to run down to the 93.50 - 95 area...only thing in the way is peak volume from last week at 1500 and s2 level today at 1499...we had one bounce earlier ...I'd like to see that give way