ES 3-8-13

here is my basic frame out pre report....
No video below? Try this link: friday_part1.swf

I'd really like to see them keep this under 42.25 on any minor pop up in price..adjusting final target to 38.75 so I need to trail even tighter to keep risk reward in line....which at times seems impossible to do !
last runner stopped out at 41.50 after that volume came in on those lows...didn't reverse to long
wow..that was is a final video of why I exited and how I use and look at the other forms of the MP chart to find good areas...that 42.25 became resistance.....very cool even if I didn't reshort to get that final target.....hope these video are informative to some and apologize if they are sometimes hasty.....
No video below? Try this link: final_friday.swf

if they can hold back on that upper bracket then there is a chance to go to the other side down near that 31 - 32 extreme

shorts don't want to see this spend time above 41 - 42.25 extremes
keep in mind that they haven't run an IB range or an O/N range yet today so if you think you have a good trade it may pay to try and hold for one of those extremes with runners

tipping point for me is still the 41 - 42.25 zone...

your mileage may vary !!
nice work Bruce putting pieces of the puzzle together for us.
thanks for the words of appreciation Sharks....

quite a puzzle today...I was so bearish earlier ( hence my comment about going to 1531 - 1532...LOL !! What a joke) and now that we are just hanging out in the key zone It seems like they may want to go back up.....I really dislike when they are inside the IB and no range has been run yet....seems best to stop for the day and go play in the snow with my 4 year old !
That sounds like a plan
ledge alert at 39.50 and an OVB forming on the 30 minute the downside