ES 3-12-13

Let me say that there are just too many numbers in the way today on the downside and I do not like it. I am planning to be more selective than usual as I do not want to be looking to initiate trade at every two pint increment. This market seems way over bought and they could easily wipe out two weeks worth or ranges with one or two days of selling. So these higher lows on the daily chart can get busted out real easy.

Further upside numbers are 1557 - 1559 zone as that combines daily and weekly pivot numbers. Good luck today

Here is what I have today:
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_3-12.swf

i took one small try that didn't work..i am now going to wait untill after 11;30 WHEN THIS PERIOD ENDS....then I will look for the long idea if I see us trading above 1544.50....4 minutes to go !!
I may miss out... AGAIN, but I gotta wait...things just don't feel right... Pitbull day expired, some thing about the 3 and 5 rules (aka Elliott Wave Theory) not adding up... plus there are those trips @ 3950 from 3/8... too crazy for my day. Congrats to those who have made it today.
if this buy is going to work it is most important to get back above the IB and VA low from yesterday !! so watch this current swing up !

gotta run..can't talk to self anymore...good luck today
aww man... thanks again Bruce, have a great day! Also wanted to mention that I have a 1539.50 support level on one of my pivot setups.. BTW earlier... I meant 39.50 not 3950 as written..