ES 3-12-13

Let me say that there are just too many numbers in the way today on the downside and I do not like it. I am planning to be more selective than usual as I do not want to be looking to initiate trade at every two pint increment. This market seems way over bought and they could easily wipe out two weeks worth or ranges with one or two days of selling. So these higher lows on the daily chart can get busted out real easy.

Further upside numbers are 1557 - 1559 zone as that combines daily and weekly pivot numbers. Good luck today

Here is what I have today:
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_3-12.swf

Thanks Bruce... Just when I start to think... "I'm gonna be good at this someday!" A day like today comes along... what the heck? The timing of your post is perfect! Many many thanks!
no problem Trade queen..previous days close is at VA high today and I will look for shorts if/when that prints
don't forget your ranges...they are still trying to digest last weeks highs...that is the real battle line..there is a reason why the O/N low is where it is and the LVn from yesterday...think about it !!
with a little bit of patience we may get back to the 48 area again magnet..they need to get past todays developing VPOC at 49.25///gheesh...just too many freaking numbers in my way
we can only assume that the O/N high will be run as long as they stay on the BULL side of that VPOC now...the 95% probability traders want that high..I don't think they are done with that Vpoc yet and want a retest again..sure wish I knew which would come first
air pocket at 49.50 too
still pays to only play at the extremes and use the magnets for targets only IMHO...we traded on both sides of yesterday afternoons ranges - the highs and lows so we are still balancing...I wantto see all those that were long for that O/N high test just give up and add to the selling to get the O/N low....not sure that will happen or be that logical
I think there is no edge while we are at the magnet and stuck inside the IB range and the O/N range . If you didn't sell that run up into the Value area high and the previous days close then you missed it. I missed the first test down and the buy signal off the afternoon pull back low because I wanted lower prices but got on board the short side twice.

Even so I thought those were also high risk shorts due to the proximity of the O/N high..

the breakout/down traders will try to get long or short off the Ib extremes to go get the On xtremes...all high risk to me as I don't DO breakouts but if they hold price above that 48 then it just might work for the high breakout

I'm trying to hold one contract short to get the O/N low before 1550 prints again....there is a low volume spot at 49.50 which I hope holds price back...

Notice how all my writings have numbers so close together.. I have mentioned 49 , 48 , 50....damn it...this stuff is hard when so many numbers are it any wonder we are chopping around now ??

hoping somebody give up soon to get this over with
I just went flat on the 46.50...that is O/N low run out...last weeks high is 47...single prints from yesterday at 46 even..good luck from here !
most days see at least two tpos break away from the IB range...this 30 minute bar is one of them sometime after this 30 minute bar ends some OTHER 30 minute bar today will pierce the IB low...statistically....

this is a good spot for longs below yesterdays single prints IMHO

edit : on a trend day it won't work obviously so don't just blindly trade for it....look at 44 - 46 to become support and if get below there then be more cautious...that is my plan now...multiple small stabs and it may be better to wait till this 30 minute bar is over
aww man... thanks again Bruce, have a great day! Also wanted to mention that I have a 1539.50 support level on one of my pivot setups.. BTW earlier... I meant 39.50 not 3950 as written..