Trading questions - please help

1. Suppose you have bought a July ITM call and sold an August ATM put.
What would be your delta in this position?
Once you hedged out your delta what are the following Greeks.
My answer:
long delta
long gamma
short vega
long rho
paying theta

2. If you are long a FRA and short an ED future with the same fixing dates, do you have positive convexity or negative convexity?
My answer
ED future marks to market daily and if interest falls the price gain will earn extra interest. This means ED future will profit/loss at faster speed than FRA when interest rate changes, e.g., convexity of ED future is bigger than that of FRA. Now if you long FRA and short ED future, the portfolio will have negative convexity.

3.Supposed you know the following information about a market.
-Future is at 66
-70 strike straddle is trading at 27
-50-60 put spread is at 2.5
-50-60-70 put fly is at .2
-Assume volatility is constant across strikes

Using the prices given and relationships between options of various strikes, what are the fair values for the 80 Call, 60 Straddle, and 40 Put?

Assume we had a volatility smile among the curve, how would this make your markets different?

I have no clue how to approach this one.

Thanks for any help!