ES 5-20-13

Some nice confluence of zones on the downside...upside areas are harder when making new highs as there is no price action from previous days to lean against and match up

No video below? Try this link: monday_5-20_.swf

my plan is to buy in the 59 - 60.50 zone....I will try longs up against the 56 zone too as long as the gap hasn't filled or a test of the Overnight midrange hasn't happened yet.... that will be lighter as I don't like trading in HVN zones...

overnight inventory is all short so we can expect some correction up off the open I don't expect us to just drop without trading above the open today at some time
probabilities favor a test of 1662 I am not overly bullish up here..especially since last weeks high and close have traded
expecting singles at Ib high to get tested and from this upper zone is as good of a spot as any to look for shorts
all singles run...trying to hold 2 for further downside....I want to see 68.75 - 69.25 hold back any rally now
ghost town here..took one more off at 65.50....most days see at least two standard pivot numbers trade or at least come with a point of those...we have only hit the r1 level today...can they still go get the 60.75 pivot or will they push to 73.75 R2...?

we don't want this too far outside of the IB high and the LVn today near 67 now on any pop up

it would be cool to see 60.75 but alot in the way
final target is gonna be for 63..ahead of a poc at 62.75...
sure looking like they want that 60.75....without me...

for reference and why I had that upper level as per the video...monthly R2 = 1636

monthly r3 = 1699.50 so that split was 1667.75 and the r1 today was 68.75

so the 68 - 69 was all i could find on these new highs...the single prints below helped me take multiple tries short up there..without those it was useless as I had no target...the target needs to come first then find a way to get to target !!
both sides of the as much as i think it would be cool to go tag that 60.75...the days low is 61....and we don't know if we will close symetric neutral (middle of the range) or try to push out an extreme still

very difficult to imagine shorts taking over from I wouldn't get too blinded to any particular view...this is also in the single prints from Friday... a natural low volume zone of possible support..