ES 5-21-13

not much happening far !!

sell zone will be last weeks high up to the LVN at 66.75

buy zones are 61.75 but more important will be slightly under there near 59.50

63.75 is the magnet price for me as I type

If we open in Value I will be looking for confluence with the range projection idea..take 90 % - 110 % of yesterdays range and add to a POTENTIAL swing low or high...then look for confluence with something 9 - 11 points !

that was an NR4 day yesterday...
I'm curious to see if price One or Two Ticks yesterday's High
magnet right here but damn that low volume zone was crappy...
a range projection since we opened in value would put us down into 1661 at a minimum...assuming one could hold through all these 2.5 - 4 point wiggles
when / if you get some time... The 'range projection' you referred to, what is it?
the word of the day is "bell curve"...I'm having a good time with this..! What you need to see to qualify the BEST LVN nodes and the range projection...ONLY on days we open in value of the previous day
No video below? Try this link: bell_curve.swf

wow Paul...I aim to please...or u read my mind again !!
Thx Bruce good info
Thanks Bruce.
glad that's coming through...the best LVN's will have a nice consolidation above or below is that built up energy ( the bell curve)that price eventually breaks away from leaving LVN's the theory is that we want to be aware when we revisit a break away point ( an lvn) and all that energy nearby..

That's deep man !!!
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I noticed bell curves on either side of this composite LVN also a range projection for today by Bruce.  <br />
Prices held this LVN and now moving much higher
this high is / was last weeks range projection....take monday and tuesdays range and add to tuesdays ...!!