ES 5-21-13

not much happening far !!

sell zone will be last weeks high up to the LVN at 66.75

buy zones are 61.75 but more important will be slightly under there near 59.50

63.75 is the magnet price for me as I type

If we open in Value I will be looking for confluence with the range projection idea..take 90 % - 110 % of yesterdays range and add to a POTENTIAL swing low or high...then look for confluence with something 9 - 11 points !

that was an NR4 day yesterday...
This LVN between the bell curves and a range projection by Bruce earlier.
I see prices held this 1660.25 area and have since moved much higher
the best trends come when we get outside of the previous days highs and the overnight high..not much range extension outside of any of those yet today

todays developing LVn stands at the midpoint and also the close of yesterday..doesn't seem to be any reason to not visit that again

the 64.75 would be the players will try to sell the 68's but they may not get that high..I'd like to see a 1666.75 test to take SMALL shorts..this is outside my window and now inside IB
great visual sharks !!
Thx Bruce, I find it hard to trade off of LVN's by themselves unless in context. I noticed the big move down brought some momemtum divergences into play as well.
took one try on the short that failed to reach target and got stopped out...not trying again as I don't like how that vPOC from yesterday became support...
this high is / was last weeks range projection....take monday and tuesdays range and add to tuesdays ...!!