ES Friday 7-19-13

For me there is only one main idea and that is the retrun to 1678.75 in the day session. The best trades will be sells above 80.25 or buys below 77. especially if they haven't traded to the 78.75 magnet yet.

If either of those numbers trade in the last few minutes of the Overnight session I will take a small postion but prefer the day session.. Other wise I will look for mean reversion early on today.

My strange way of calculating statistics ( in my head) has me thinking that there is OVER a 96% probability of the 78.75 hitting at some time in todays session.

here is a bigger view with other reference points..price action alone is showing some nice numbers so far this summer
Click image for original size
looks like that gamble would of pay am cancel that 83.25 sell move it up to pitbull 4 and 5.5 buy will be 1675.25..pitbull and rat number
I think they want to push for that 85 now..especially looking at the way they rejected that 80.50 on the last test down..either way the 82.50 holds the real key now...will it become support ?

I really don't like any of this...I DO like that it's Friday !! Not trading anymore today