ES Thursday 8-8-13

1691.50 is the magnet price for me and I prefer sells against the 95.50 and also the 97.50 ( two spots).......this is an upper critical zone and if it looks like it is turning into support then they will try to run it up into 1700 - 1701

90 - 91.50 is the lower zone and could be possible support hence my plan to get out at the upper edge of that support zone

we may have an open gap greater than 5 points so watch the 1/2 gap fill as a potential target if you get the good would be great if the 1/2 gap falls right near that 91.50.

If I initiate the shorts up at 97.50 then I will be looking to take something off at 95.50 just to play it safe

further below is 85 - 86 but we may not see that today...above 1701 is 1704......

you can ratchet all this if you sell the 1700 area then look at 97.50 as a target...if you sell 1704 then look at 1701 as a target etc

here is how my chart looks coming into today
Click image for original size
there is a report in 3 minutes so if you are on the fade be careful and lite...there will be other opportunities post report for the less greedy/ risk adverse
1/2 gap sits in a good spot...I doubt they will make that easy for us though...

Paul....I need to get my act together with that !!!
so far an open out of value that is trying to drive back into value....mentally I am having a difficult time holding now...I think it is because i went in lighter due to that report so i don't hva emuch ammo

however I DO like how the 95 seems to have stopped that slight pop up just now ..

c,mon....come to pappa !!!
coming out heavy at the 91.25...I don't like 90 - 91.50 anyway !!

good luck if you are holding for full gap fill...

I'm routing for you pigs today !!!

not doing anything else until after IB but probably will try to get caught up on things today
congratulations PIGS !!!

way to go !!!! nice hold for those who did it

OINK ! Oink !
I think this 85 - 86 is a good place to try to get the long to test back to the IB low....

so I am expecting an 88 retest and hopefully from down here

this is two sets of single they need that test to get rid of one set of singles
I see nothing else good now.....we may just bounce around in between yesterdays edge now that the IB low got tested...good luck if ya play from here

I'd watch that 90 - 91.50 if you think they are gonna keep buying it up...I don't see it like that
"P" profile now and I was surprised that they blew back through the 90 - 91.50 area on the upside without a retest back down if we can get the selling to come now that is the spot that they will want to retest...

that would be a great target if you can find a low risk short