ES Thursday 9-5-13

As I post the early reports are out. The profile from the past two days are pretty ugly. Yesterday showing short covering and leaving multiple sets of singles in it's wake. To me 56.00 is providing resistance and a break above could get the ball rolling higher. The next resistance above I have around 62.00, I'm cautious of the 50 area since it has proven to be a significant number on several occasions recently and a break of that support may see us feeling out the balance area below that has prevailed the last week or so. Obviously the market is jittery over any mention of what may or may not occur in Syria. Bottom line for me, if we open in value I will look to 56 as support for higher and 50 as resistance for lower.
( I added a third video 52 - 53 is magnet for me)

here's how I have it....I need to make one more video as I must be going through video withdrawl from missing yesterday

two video for now...first one is a concept video - second is numbers I see today but need to expand on that
No video below? Try this link: concept_bars.swf

No video below? Try this link: thursday_two.swf

No video below? Try this link: vid3.swf

opening at the to wait to see what happens outside either yesterdays highs or under that 49 area...lets get 2.5 points or more away from magnet before thinking about it again..

reports galore !!
so i need to see 48 - 49.50 print or else I really want to see the 55 print...better zone is 58.50 - 60 for me for the short try and would be more aggressive up there on shorts
small short working off plan includes selling higher is 53.75...i know reports are due soon
volume was lighter than day before on nyse so this will be interesting if/when they try to push away from yesterdays bell curve
sold 57.75...this is all small still but this is near my ideal zone...will target 55.75 first
we just hit lower edge of my key I am working harder up here now
55.75 was/is my first small try when wrong those usually become my first target...many would be wise to use the O/N high as a first target

keep the leash tight in front of reports or just exit
filled at 55.50 on most ....trying to hold for 53.75 but these are small numbers now
I'm long the 56.00 now, see if it holds
your videos have no comparison bruce....i saw ft71 started making daily videos but i could not see one yet, epsecially pre market as they are 15-20m long, so no way i can spend that much time close to the open watching a video

yest high has been the net in this boring ping pong match !

oh and btw, i don't think i am quite used to the new format at all