ES Thursday 9-5-13

As I post the early reports are out. The profile from the past two days are pretty ugly. Yesterday showing short covering and leaving multiple sets of singles in it's wake. To me 56.00 is providing resistance and a break above could get the ball rolling higher. The next resistance above I have around 62.00, I'm cautious of the 50 area since it has proven to be a significant number on several occasions recently and a break of that support may see us feeling out the balance area below that has prevailed the last week or so. Obviously the market is jittery over any mention of what may or may not occur in Syria. Bottom line for me, if we open in value I will look to 56 as support for higher and 50 as resistance for lower.
Thx for breaking it down Bruce in the video
certainly not a great sign that we are back inside yesterdays HIghs in yet another TPO period.....

56.50 will take my final contract from me otherwise I am trying for 52 even ...and this campaign is done either way

IB is complete
your welcome....lots of babble today and hopefully some will have time to digest all the different thoughts scrambling in my brain today...
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Thx for breaking it down Bruce in the video
back and forth through yesterdays highs with multiple different 30 minute bars...will this be accepted or rejected ?

I don't know the answer but I think fades outside of the IB high or low are very difficult if we ever come outside that range
is nobody here today because of the new format or have they realized that brokers who are into volume profile have copied us and now do a video pre market report ?

i guess imitation is the highest form of flattery !!
your videos have no comparison bruce....i saw ft71 started making daily videos but i could not see one yet, epsecially pre market as they are 15-20m long, so no way i can spend that much time close to the open watching a video

yest high has been the net in this boring ping pong match !

oh and btw, i don't think i am quite used to the new format at all