ES Friday 9-6-13

how i see it so far....lots can happen in the next 40 minutes but the lines won't change
No video below? Try this link: firday_so_far.swf

i'm adding this additional video to cover the upper areas a bit more

basically the 67 - 70 becomes a zone and then there is the 75 - 77 zone
No video below? Try this link: firday_part_two.swf

will watch new lows closely and we have that buying tail but the exact numbers from price action are 42.25 and 40 even.....must consider that our 45 - 46 didn't turn into support buys in the lower zone need to be smaller if they come down to us again
runners stopped...but will watch this zone for clues....especially near 40....35.50 is next number under that... a good buy near 40 will want to go try for 42.25
sorry folks ..this is too quick....taking something at 42 test from below...will try to hold for 44.50 and get something off again before the 45 - 46.........
I really don't want to see this come back under 40.75 or runners are taken off...ideal would be to see the 42.25 turn into support....gheesh...something needs to turn intoo support....eventually.....

just took the 44.50's
trying for 45.75 as next target....not smart to just expect a 'V' bottom after a trend I have little left
what a cool day considering I was on the wrong side of the opening move......this 45 - 46 holds the key and that 49 - 50 above

I have one measly contract left that is trying for 48.50.....before 42.25 prints....
that's me done...I wanted to get out in front of that 49 - 50 zone........I need a johnny walker red.........but I must wait, it's so early...........perhaps after the IB completes !!!!

no more trades for me...hope it goes well for all from here
should of said "Buying" not "shorting" at the 40 area.....anyway here is my brief recap....good luck if you stay and play

it's always fascinating how quickly the zones can reverse roles and be used as support and resistance on the same day...

that is a big IB today and it's friday so those trying to play for the IB break may find it would be wiser to just wait for a break if it comes and see what happens from there.....for example a break of the high gets us into the overnight high and a key that would be a better place to play....just an idea....I trust none of this now and the 90 minutes are up...better to close down and get outside or with people

No video below? Try this link: friday_final.swf