ES Friday 9-6-13

how i see it so far....lots can happen in the next 40 minutes but the lines won't change
No video below? Try this link: firday_so_far.swf

i'm adding this additional video to cover the upper areas a bit more

basically the 67 - 70 becomes a zone and then there is the 75 - 77 zone
No video below? Try this link: firday_part_two.swf

i added a second video to the above as I have time to kill while I drink my tea and wait for RTH...I hope everyone does well today
i think as long as we don't get below 55 - 56 then we are going go back up to test the O/N high I prefer longs on an initial drop into 58 - 59.....keeping it all small as we have opened out of value..
if lucky we will test the lower edge of that upper 62 would be beautiful
.first try got stopped at entry and missed by a point for target
missed entire short and will only think of longs if / when we get back above 57....otherwise this area has too much for me and we run the risk of the sellers pushing all the way through to the O/N low or ant least the 49 - 50 spot
wow ..congrats to any who sold......I'm hunting longs in the 42-43 area expecting the 45 - 46 seems too big of a move for first 15 minutes
That low-hanging fruit (SP) at 59.50 was waiting to be plucked by NFP numbers, I guess...and then the plunk.
cool...look at buying tail from wednesdays trade...taking something at 46.25......trying to get to O/N low next but seems like we may have some back and forth after such a rush
i'd really like to see the 45 - 46 zone turn into support order to go get O/N low and then back to 51.....dreaming and don't have a lot to work with but great day so far...even better for you shorts !!
pairing at 47...only two left now so can't do much with them..
should of said "Buying" not "shorting" at the 40 area.....anyway here is my brief recap....good luck if you stay and play

it's always fascinating how quickly the zones can reverse roles and be used as support and resistance on the same day...

that is a big IB today and it's friday so those trying to play for the IB break may find it would be wiser to just wait for a break if it comes and see what happens from there.....for example a break of the high gets us into the overnight high and a key that would be a better place to play....just an idea....I trust none of this now and the 90 minutes are up...better to close down and get outside or with people

No video below? Try this link: friday_final.swf