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ES Thursday 9-19-13

This is from the other day and I missed the question :

Daddywolf....I don't know where the specific thread is that Joe and I was too long ago....I prefer to use previous days volume clusters to help identify the areas......most times the overnight nodes will go well with a RTH key spot on the charts but sometimes in the Overnight 8:30 news reports can form nodes so it's good to know them and anyplace big volume had happened but confirm with the day session

It is much harder to trade these as they develop during the day but in general you never really want to see price get 1.75 points above or below a node...for example...if you see a selling node that drives the market down then you don't want price to get 1.75 points above that node on a return to it ....that implies that the sellers may have left the isn't perfect and it doesn't mean that we will keep rallying but to me it usually means that the sellers who originally sold are not there anymore..

the most important prices for me now

1723 - 1725

1716 -1717

1710- 1712.25


1702-1704 ***** the big kahuna

lets see what the On session confirms for us

hope I didn't miss any questions the past day or so

hey Duck ..I remember Eddiie Cuervo ( he wrote the Gen -x courses) and have both his manuals..can't remember which forum but he was a good guy...left trading to go do real estate I think in Florida....a long time ago that was...
volume node is right at our 19.75 number.....bulls need to keep it above that to get O/N obviously those bearish need to get back below there now
Thx Bruce, video's are great. You gave clarity to a foggy morning.
and then u simply paste the picture into the body of the commentary window and that's it ?

Originally posted by BruceM

Nick...u asked about screen captures....IN MD you select FILE >>>> SAVE >>>>>SAVE PICTURE
i think they want that O/N low soon...not a good sign to get below that 19.75 again
well, i was stopped out on my first long attempt. now trying to buy below 1717.50.
daddywolf or whoever likes the volume stuff....why I think the O/N low is gonna be broken
No video below? Try this link: ON_low.swf

I'm hoping to sell mine to you there kool...they aren't making it easy
Originally posted by koolblue

well, i was stopped out on my first long attempt. now trying to buy below 1717.50.
Well, we can't deny that it's been almost 90 minutes and we can't get back in YD value area and spent most time above the close........doesn't give me a great feel that the O/N low is still coming...will watch that 1722 closely on a trade back up if it comes...then we might need to think about the O/N high

trying to be flexible while being tortured...this bar seems like it's gonna close inside the IB...if that happens then I will bail on short if we come out of the highs by 3 tics of this last 30 minute bar
.that's all for me....I'm not interested unless they can push under 16.75 on long side.....good luck on your longs koolio,,..I exited an O/N low run...and I think that was just lucky
this is 4th lower high on 30 minute bars........usually a good time to start thinking about bracket test highs..that would get koolio above 1720
Originally posted by BruceM

daddywolf or whoever likes the volume stuff....why I think the O/N low is gonna be broken

Bruce, liking those volume videos(charts), thanks. Gotta figure out how to work them up on my system
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