ES Thursday 9-19-13

This is from the other day and I missed the question :

Daddywolf....I don't know where the specific thread is that Joe and I was too long ago....I prefer to use previous days volume clusters to help identify the areas......most times the overnight nodes will go well with a RTH key spot on the charts but sometimes in the Overnight 8:30 news reports can form nodes so it's good to know them and anyplace big volume had happened but confirm with the day session

It is much harder to trade these as they develop during the day but in general you never really want to see price get 1.75 points above or below a node...for example...if you see a selling node that drives the market down then you don't want price to get 1.75 points above that node on a return to it ....that implies that the sellers may have left the isn't perfect and it doesn't mean that we will keep rallying but to me it usually means that the sellers who originally sold are not there anymore..

the most important prices for me now

1723 - 1725

1716 -1717

1710- 1712.25


1702-1704 ***** the big kahuna

lets see what the On session confirms for us

hope I didn't miss any questions the past day or so

hey Duck ..I remember Eddiie Cuervo ( he wrote the Gen -x courses) and have both his manuals..can't remember which forum but he was a good guy...left trading to go do real estate I think in Florida....a long time ago that was...
bruce ya eddie was good talker but couldnt trade his way out of a wet paper bag..tfc forum he troll..he was not very honest guy..he didnt do real estate.he open up his own brokerage.and thats where he lost 40k of my money plus ripped me off 3k on gold deal..but that lesson finnally got me trading on the plus side for years now..

number i got are so close to yours..this is whats amazing to me..that all these different methods come up with the same numbers..just confirms that there is nothing new under the
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es 12 13 5 min 9192013
I'm tweaking my numbers just a bit:

1725 - 1726.....sell spot ..ideal would see them run out RTH high of yesterday into this spot

1719.75- 20.75 magnet price today


1712 - 17113.75 ****** critical spot

1706 - 1707
Good morning everyone. Crazy afternoon yesterday huh? Fun to watch, but no trades for me on that wild ride.
My numbers today a similar. I guess that makes sense in this new ground up here.
30.75 R1
26.75 ONH
21.25 LVM
16.25 LVM
12.00 P/P and air below
01.75 top of most recent balance
Good luck all, have a great day
just a video as to why I have my spots where I do..
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

on the 23.50 short.....bigger plan is to sell higher...22 is first target....
this is overnight midpoint and my first target....will try for 20.75 as next target but not much working as it was an aggressive and early sell
filled at 20.50 final...may go down to that 19.75 but will do it without me in the market...flat now
here is the same idea but as per the market profile...lots of these things are the same...sometimes it's just a matter of finding something that is visually appealing to you
No video below? Try this link: thursday_2.swf

Nick...u asked about screen captures....IN MD you select FILE >>>> SAVE >>>>>SAVE PICTURE
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daddywolf or whoever likes the volume stuff....why I think the O/N low is gonna be broken

Bruce, liking those volume videos(charts), thanks. Gotta figure out how to work them up on my system