ES Thursday 9-26-13

a quick frame out and time for my morning tea.....
No video below? Try this link: thursday_9-26.swf

that should be second panel from the bottom....the second panel from the top is just the s&p a/d, and although it was at initative levels as i mentioend this am, it had a noticeable drop

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one other thing, look how the character of the tick has changed (2nd panel from below), even as we were hitting the highs....that's what u want to see

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what i find funny is that poster who didnt like his posting has not been back..hmmm i say he/she a flamer..
BruceM's volume and price analysis is first class. We are all fortunate to be able to improve our trading from it. People will complain about anything.
great stuff today folks....thanks for all the effort here !!
look where the smallest range on the 5 minute time frame is that highs.......!! always a warning when we blow through a zone ...for me it was 95 - 96.50 and then show a small range like that....implies a battle between the buls and bears..

I like how they couldn't get back out of the 91 number AFTER they re-entered it from the drop down above......just pointing out a few price action clues
I've been trying buy this evil 87.50 to try and see if they can get out above 91 again.....tuff battle and we know the gap close traders see that close down at 86.75
so we are basically battling in the upper half of that bell curve i mentioned

the upper edge at 91

87.50 center of the bell

84 lower edge
I see we touched the NVPOC of yesterday at 1688.00, wonder if we are going to have a double distribution type day..
taking something at 90.25...I know I want this bell curve to turn into support today but I am concerned by the fact that we already came outside of this bell curve once there any good reason to do it again??
they seem to be trying to get this to one time frame up off our key middle number of 87.50....that is a good sign for us longs but we also know that they will eventually test a bracket low and haven't done so yet.......

so a conflict for me while trying to hold something...this is now 4 th higher or matching high in a we may be getting close to those who will try for the bracket test....this 91 - 92 is rough area as it also todays midpoint....