ES Wednesday 10-16-13

levels I'm watching .....99.50 - 1700 is my magnet today ..1704 is upper fade point...making a new video
no signal off the 09 - 10...trying from 12.75 to try and target 1710.25
Bruce what would give you a signal 09-10
best fill is 09.25 but don't have much left and this is lower edge of the bell and right near that overnight from Mondaynight / tuesday morning....see yestedays videos for the levels and pictures
Rburns...a slowing down of price from the bid ask flow..nothing else
flat at 09.75...nothing working.....need to let this play out a bit now.....this is lower edge of bell so the buyers may step up in to get out and wait to see what happens
Thanks Bruce for the explanation. My problem occurs when I have a level I usually have an order out there. Too many times it blows right thru to stop me out. Of course when I am holding my order it one ticks thru and retreats and I missed the trade. I was curious how you handled it.
Rburns - I use market orders probably 95 % of the time...I need to know if filled or not and need to know if i am in or out.....this is true always on initial entry and usually on initial exit and for targets.....on.runners I will sometimes place limit orders but even then I prefer to just see a level get "printed" and then go market.....I NEVER give any thought to giving up one - three ticks...and sometimes you get a very good fill if the market goes through the level fast...

so for me it is just one less thing to think about and makes my order entry have less stress
Well, the price indicated on my chart and post( good for about 3 handles) selling at 1705.25-50 was missed by much rather be buying instead of fading today.T he 1715 level does look interesting however..
Thanks Bruce
not much to do here except wait...for me I am waiting to see what happens if they get under that 08.25 swing or get outside the IB highs.....I am not taking trades on breaks of those areas but will watch to see how the market reacts when one of those extremes gets taken inside as a bell is forming is no place to's always better to trade off the FIRST time we get to the edge ofrmiddle of some previous days bell formations

"The first test is the best test" - is a good motto with bell curve trading
now with that double top I assume the buyers will want to try to hold price up off that support more trades for me....too confusing now and we have seen many double tops and bottoms stay in the market...good luck if you play up here