ES Wednesday 10-16-13

levels I'm watching .....99.50 - 1700 is my magnet today ..1704 is upper fade point...making a new video
15.75 - 16.50 and then 19.50 are the key spots for me now...single prints down below at ib breakout
a video I was making while we are getting into next zone above....bell curve ideas
No video below? Try this link: wedpart2.swf

trying a small short from 16.75.......will try only for 1715 first...concern is that they keep driving to the 19.50
trying to hold a runner to get 14 ...out in front of the single prints
if this breakout can fail then my last contact has a chance to get back to volume time node near 11,50 - 12...may take a small miracle
done at 13.25....can't hold it and this edge of bell from 9-20...that test to 12.50....was part of the 9-20 bell.
that 15.75 - 16.50 will still be the key ...the sellersare trying agin but if they can't do it now then they will eventually push it towards that 19.50 line above bracket low test so I'd rather lean with the shorts into this zone
This is a merged profile from 9-18 thru 9-20 kinda shows the bell curve we are running into...

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es 12 13 15 min 9232013
damn...trying to vote stuff up today but it's not working...DT please look into...I will send private email too...the only problem with that last short was that we were on the second test up and first test is the best....but still we had the bracket test concept to look for....note how that low volume zone seems to be trying to turn into support still...basically that "wide" area mentioned on one of the this is second test down into that too.....

great perspective sharks !!
now with that double top I assume the buyers will want to try to hold price up off that support more trades for me....too confusing now and we have seen many double tops and bottoms stay in the market...good luck if you play up here