ES Friday 10-18-13

Zones for Overnight and Friday day session


1726. - 1727.50

1722.25 - 1723.50 ******


1715.75 -1717

1711.75 - 1713.50
only plan for me is to use 30.50 as a magnet on on small short now in Overnight at day session I will look for sells above the On highs if we don't get the retest of the 30.50 to see them get oustide the On highs and then re=enter just in case they want to break away and not come back from this symetric time based bell curve in the overnight...we don't want to get caught in more trend if they decide to keep pushing.....everyone from the overnight is long which often sees some retrace in day session.....see free webinars from dalton on that
best buys would need to see us get under the overnight lows into the 26 - 27...spike point there too and then we could also try at the 22 - 23 zone..

above O/N highs I have nothing but rat numbers so I may use the 38 - 40 area if they pop it that high on a drive out at RTH open
I have the 34.50's on now too...keeping it all small and prefer day session..first target will now be IB data has VPOC there
fyi, i have 30.25 as onvpoc
best and final fill for me is 30.50...look where O/N poc and On midpoint is today.....quite often when we make new contract highs there are many that are confused and don't have good levels so they drive it back to something comfortable to get a grip on reality and establish their bearings
probably not gonna do much from here so limited posts...good luck today.....current high matches the Overnight buyers will try for that if 32 doesn't mess them up...just watching this now
26th anniversary of the 1987 Black Monday tomorrow