ES Wed 11-13-13

gm, from here i think that 50-52 area could still offer good risk reward for buyers, but will watch the internals to see if they are hinting at a trend day in which case i will not keep trying longs blindly especially if we dip below that 49-50 area...42-43 can offer a rebound as can the 36-37 area

on the upside, 58-60 can offer some resis off the open (onvpoc at 58.5, o/n midpoint at 60)...above that 63-65 looks like the next spot to sell....61 is minor resist imo, even though i am showing it in the chart

good luck

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RTH Gap Opening just below the 60 Minute blue line...

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es 12 13 60 min 11132013
Short at 60.00

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es 12 13 3000 volume 11132013
half off at 58.75
60.25 entry for me pt, with your same scale and then the rest was off at -1 tick on the way back up...looking strong, internals straight up since the open albeit negative
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es 12 13 5 min 11132013
that 63-65 area was decent resis as expected earlier today...i was offering 63 so was left behind on that one...still glad to see it working...bears need to deal with 58.5 now from above and the dev vwap and mid at59.25-59.5, so bulls can definetely take the ball from here and aim to fil the gap (65)...we'll see
went short at 1763.00 but a tight stop and quick exit ,i hope....
well, if we did make an important bottom at 54, it certainly is bullish behavior so least on my charts...soon the 10 chart avgs will cross bullish unless we spend time below59 and i tend to think we may see 66 ...
This market is acting as if a short term bottom is in (seasonal influence?) . Anyway , i will cover break even here, if they let me. Otherwise, 1765.00 stops me out.
whew!.. wimped out at breakeven... watching. (heck, im supposed to be showing preference for buying today anyway) by the way, my 10 min chart just went positive
sorry, it should be 1788!