ES Friday 11-22-13

here's what i have

the market has held above that late breakout level in the 92 area so that is key early this morning...below that u still have yest poc at 90.5 and that is the center of one of the few mini bell curves we got during yest price action...87-89 is the next area i will use...u can see we have a few things pretty close to each other which makes it a bit tougher this morning so i will watch internals and the tick for clues about those areas....below 87 i wouldn't try longs till 83.5...85.5 is the center of the lower bell curve from yest but it is not a strong well formed curve so i will likely skip that 85.5

above, we have the 96.5 area with 98.5-99.75 right next...the latter represents the ath so shorts above it are more fdangerous by definition...still, the 801-803 area has some daily pivots , just like 808-810, so keep those in mind

so ideally we get down to the 90.5-o/n low area or even 87-89, we get the long idea going and aim for 96.5 and eventually new highs...if we trade to 96.5 or even 98.5-99.75 after the open and fail there i will have second thoughts abt buying the o/n low...again, watch the tick and internals to see if the push above 96.5 is real or runnning out of steam

good luck today

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as long as this holds above 95 , I am sticking with the bias for 1801 on the upside
there's my final scale at 99.75....i am out...have a good weekend guys....

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so far so good....push down into the 92ish area as we expected/hoped....if u caught the long and u want to scale right here at the open (94.75) i won't blame u....upper targets still remain 96.5 and the ath
Nicely done Nick !

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