ES Tuesday 1-21-14

Numbers I'm watching today - particularly interested to to see if the 37 area can act as support early on today to push us out of last weeks highs....key number on the push up might be are some charts as I know many have other places they watch pre market videos now.....

first is weekly volume profile chart and second chart is the daily with volume and time on it
Click image for original size

Click image for original size
overnight singles are at 34.50........I'm glad I'm just watching this one...this is also real close to a LVN spot from Friday
much more aggressive to buy on new lows as they already tested the key 36 - 37 area from below and it held as resistance so could be done but i would tread lighter....i have nothing else to add today......hope it goes YOUR way
Nice trade, Bruce. Thanks for sharing.
thanks seems unlikely to me that they are just gonna blow through the 32 - 34 zone without a retest from below...somebody frontran our 26.25 number and 24 is below there....if I see this 29 volume ( created today) begining to firm up then I will take one small lunchtiime stab on the longside..for that 32- 34 zone..we have multiple sets of single prints today so far...odds favor them filling in some of may put in some overtime today but real small
well we can't expect much more ...I don't trust this 32 - 34 zone so my advice is to not be a pig if you got lucky from we are testing the zone we wanted retested happy and wait until tomorrow to play again.....
Way to trade Bruce. It looks like the rest made you sharper than ever.
thanks Rburns....that rest also made me realize that I need to get control of my addiction to's one thing to have passion for something but when you start getting obsessed then you need to back away.....I also had some bad back pain meds that scrambled my brain even more....luckily I had my guitar as my therapist to pull me through !!

hope you are well and good to see some folks still around