ES Friday 1-31-14

How I have it today...Long bias especially on a drop lower first
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

stop at 76.25
fill at 73.50 stop at 74.75
out have agood weekend everyone
great work on being open and transparent about your strategy fills, successes and fails duck. Really impressed with that. I think it's a great example to follow. We all fail from time to time (it's part of trading) and to see others be open about it helps everyone.

I encourage and challenge others reading this topic to do the same. Remember that you're using a "username" to "identify" yourself. Nobody knows who you really are so failing in public is completely anonymous and gives you the chance to discuss your weaknesses and address them to become a better trader. For all I know duck might be George Soros trying his hand as index futures trading