ES Wednesday 3-19-14

Discussion topic for Wednesday, FOMC Fed Day.
numbers i got for june..81..75..72.60..56..50..45..40..34..30..i used the pitbull number too...i like the pitbull # to point out that i am learning and not a profitable trader..well what does everybody else have for numbers? can anyone post a chart of the market profile like bruce does with the low volume spots?

good luck everyone
buying the 59.50 reason is my # 60 and pit 5,5 at 59.25
selling the 68.75 reason is rat# and pit# 4 at 68.75... i use a 3 point stop to start and if not hit by 11 am i will cancel orders
time to play some 72.25 buying 56.25 3 point stop
target 60...
no filled at 60
56.50 stop now
took 59.000
stop on last 57.25
58.25 stop
61.75 out good game this time