ES Friday 3-21-14

Here are my caught up on stuff this week with some terrible trading in between and ready to head out on vacation tomorrow. If we open above 65 - 67 we will be opening above a multi- day consolidation and out of value. So using either the one minute range or 1.25 range breakout plan would work well even if you have to take multiple tries and use a .one point stop...especially if you use the range chart and don't watch order flow we should either break and keep running higher on a true break out or we should fail and this will be the fake out and we will run back down into the the consolidation over the past three days.
No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

I think many will be watching the VA high from 3- 11 and On VPOC for clues from here....that is a 30 minute close back inside value from that day......I would prefer to use a modified "80percent" rule and use the ranges but some may be using that VA that should signal more downside
a low probability that a double low holds as an IB low...and currently we have matching lows watch that 70- 71.50 if you are looking for a possible short idea and haven't been on board....the conflict will be if we get a close above the 70 area at 11 a.m....good luck from here...I'll be lurking for a bit....hope the next week or two goes well for everyone
bruce or anybody explain the 80% rule ??
very interesting in here...we have a selling tail on the highs and a double low on the lows.....lets see if they can close this under the O/N high still....filters are fun to watch but don't always make us $$$$$ so easily....we always need to confirm entries with price action etc..
a close above the O/N will they get a close under it to signal the run for that crappy IB low ??
very interesting...nice double low run if you are trading ..( not me...I'm done for today) you'd want to watch to see if they can get a close on 30 minutes under the multi day highs to remain in shorts.....especially YD highs...but since value is building higher you need to also think about the possibility of a later day rally ...getting a 30 minute close back above todays IB lows I think would be very important...especially if you see them dip into the 65 - 67 zone ( we are there now) and rally off that zone to create a buying the first step would be to see a close ideally above 67 and then the IB low.....otherwise the sellers are gonna win big...price is tryingto bounce off 65 as I type..good luck from here on a friday
Anyone know what happened to BruceM ? thanks