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Market Profile ® Videos

In order to help people learn and understand Market Profile ® I've setup some playback videos. You can see those videos here:

Market Profile ® Videos

The videos show a bar chart and a Market Profile ® developing side by side. This may help bar chart readers understand how Market Profile ® charts relate to market action that they are already used to. I believe that a lot can be learned from this.

If you have any questions about any of the videos then post your queries as responses to this topic.
These are great videos..thanks for taking the time to put them out there
You're welcome

Hi Daytrader,
Thanks for posting these videos. It is a great tool to understand MP. If you could include the previous days high and low of the days would be great. Usually these area are the buying and selling tails and have single prints. Would like to see how the developing MP reacts to yeterdays buying and selling tails.
Hi BUZZ200 - I thought about adding all sorts of stuff like that and when I initially ran the playbacks to create the videos there was more information in there. Problem is that at 90x speed with all those lines on the screen it gets very confusing so I decided to cut back to the bar essentials just to show pure Market Profile and very little else.

Going forward though, perhaps I can demonstrate other concepts such as the previous day's high and low and run some videos with that information and Market Profile. I'll see what I can add the next time I get the urge to add a batch of videos. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
New videos now available showing Single Prints being created and the market's reaction to those Single Prints the following day:

Market Profile Single Print Videos
Good question about watching the videos:
I received you web site for the market profile discussion of the S&P500 however I only got the audio and NO video. Please advise as to how I can view the video since it was a good discussion/explanation of the subject.
Your browser needs to have a Flash player installed as a plug-in to see the video. Here is the Wikipedia description of the format that is used in the videos:

Somehow you need to have Macromedia Flash enabled/installed. What needs to be installed depends on your OS (Windows, Apple, Linux etc.) and your browser (IE, Firefox etc.). There are links in the wikipedia link above that should help isolate what you need to install.

Here is the macromedia web site which should have the appropriate download that you need:
The person having the problem of audio working but no video told me that they were using Firefox. I tried it out with Firefox and hit the same problem. So far I have not been able to get Firefox to show the video and have no solution for this - yet. I found this on the web but it doesn't apply to me but might apply to you:
> I started using Firefox 1.5 from RC1 through to the stable release.
> But the Flash plugin hasn't worked properly in any of these releases.
> There is no video yet the audio works. I just see a brief flash where
> the visual element is supposed to be, and I'll hear audio is there is
> audio to hear.

If you also use adblock, remove obj-tabs in the adblock options. Seems
to interfere with flash components in Firefox 1.5

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