ES 5-22-14

here my numbers::92.50..90..85-87...81.50...77.50...75...68-70...65...62.50

running late today anybody got any numbers?
Runners stopped out at 87.75. I think that's it for trading today. I'll devote the rest of the day to research. Good luck Duck!
no fill yet
Rotten luck! Looks like a good number.
i can hear bruce order market
dont feel goood about this one but fill 91.25
Yeah...starting to look like it wants to reach out to 1900.
looks like i am lucky duck so far on stop..i am going to lunch leaving stop at 94.25 have exit order for 1 at 88.50...if fill stop move to 91 on last
in case your wondering!!i exit at 92.75