ES 5-22-14

here my numbers::92.50..90..85-87...81.50...77.50...75...68-70...65...62.50

running late today anybody got any numbers?
Hey Duck. Thx for putting them up. Good luck today.

Currently trading at 86. To the upside I have RTHH at 86.5, R2 at 89.75, and ONH at 90.5. To the downside I have VVAH at 85, ONL at 83, PP at 82, VPOC at 81.5, VAH at 78.25, and the VVAL and S2 at 77.75. A lot of lines close together after a narrow range yesterday.
Trying a long at 83.
Taking some off at 85. Target for runners is S2 at 89.75
Correction. Should have said R2.
nice trade ackwired
Thx. Close enough. Closing runners at 89.5 and taking short at 89.5.
selling the 91.25 with 3 pt stop
ackwired you are in the zone today
Taking some off at 87.50. Target is VVAH of 85 for runners.
Thx, Duck. Wish it worked like this every day!
in case your wondering!!i exit at 92.75